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The Women of the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes kicked off award season on Monday night with a diverse and varied crowd of nominees. As a fashion-stylist-come-feminist I am introducing all the female winners inspiring us to aim high today on the Feminist Cleavage in their red carpet finery.

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What Even IS a Personal Stylist?

Who am I? How did I become a personal stylist? What is the best part of being a personal shopper? Is personal shopping an exclusive, expensive experience? Is there obligation to purchase? Are you the personal shopper for me? All questions answered in my new blog all about Personal Shopping.

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The MTV Video Music Awards made me laugh, cry and gasp in disbelief!

The VMAs are seeped in controversy and are one of the most high profile awards shows outside of ‘awards season’. Unforgettable events such as Lady Gaga’s 2010 meat dress, Madonna and Britney Spear’s infamous 2003 kiss and and MOST memorable - a drunk Kanye West interrupting a young Taylor Swift’s 2009 speech saying the best video award should have gone to Beyonce instead! This year the VMAs did not disappoint!

5 Top Tips for Bikini Power

To put on a bikini can be a stressful thought. Perfection is a heavy weight leaning onto us but in the season of #BodyPositive confidence in your skin is an enlightening concept. Find a style that suits your body and makes you feel good and the bikini power will resonate!