About Me

Wow this is hard. About me. Who am I? What am I all about? What makes me, me? I spend almost all my time worrying about other people so writing an ‘About Me’ page is unusually difficult. In a nutshell I am a feminist, a fashion stylist and writer, a new aunt (maybe my most important job) and a glass-half-full kind of person.

As a fashion stylist I do personal shopping, editorial, red carpet and ecommerce. In all of these forms of fashion styling I am behind the scenes, making my subject look the best they can be, so it’s not really ‘About Me’. Personal Shopping is entirely about making my gorgeous client feel confident and happy in their clothes, Editorial styling is creating wearable art on a beautiful model to inspire people, Being a good Red Carpet stylist is about drawing in the attention of the press to make a client get into the ‘Best Dressed’ lists and ecommerce styling is focused on clearly displaying items online so customers can make informed decisions. I am never the end visual (except on instagram).

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As a feminist I believe in equality, support women, young women, old women and women belonging to minorities. I don’t know everything about all the political feminist issues, but I know an ideology of freedom of choice, love, peace and equality can’t be a bad thing. Even when talking about feminism, this is often about the experiences of other women, OR it’s about the men who are sexist or the women who have internalised sexism due to the patriarchy. Sometimes it’s ‘About Me’ I guess!

I am often underestimated because I don’t have an inflated ego or feel the need to show off my achievements but this is not a lack of confidence. I have healthy self esteem and an assured-ness that has been described as intimidating although I am a warm and uplifting person. More than anything I like things to be fair. Which is why I feel so strongly about equality and therefore feminism. I also see some of my styling work as #WomenSupportingWomen because as a personal shopper I empower my clients (often guys as well btw) to feel proud of their bodies, confident in their choices and 100% comfortable. That makes them look great and I find it very rewarding.

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Love, Roxy x