The fuss-free styling trick for better outfits everyday

Ooze style the fuss-free way

– Roxy Stylist

If you are looking for a fantastic, fuss-free way of elevating your everyday style, start making use of my favourite accessory…earrings! Yes I love shoes and I love bags but where they are both chosen revolving around the practical elements of ‘what will I be doing today’. On the other hand, earrings have a lot more freedom to be worn for pure joy and visual appeal.

Your accessories can make or break a simplistic outfit. Accessorise well and it is a quick and affective tool to ooze ‘style’ and is a great way of expressing who you are. Earrings have become a really important item to my personal style in recent seasons and they have also seen a huge serge in popularity across the fashion industry. Lately the fashion industry in general – and me in particular, are straying from understated everyday pearl studs and classic sleepers towards unconventional design, impactful shapes, new materials and shocks of colour. 

The way we used to shop for statement bags and shoes has shifted north, meaning that our fantastic earrings can transform a plain outfit into a well put together, elegant, funky or cool one, depending on our mood. Often the more unexpected the pairing of earring to outfit, the more eye-catching and cool it is. They can introduce real personality into an otherwise simple look, draw the eye up to your face and are minimal fuss yet maximal fun!

Picking the right pair

So how do you pick the right pair for you? Face shape, neck length and number of chins can effect the shape of earring that suits you the best, but if the styling is uncomplicated, weather it’s smart or casual you can really play with colour, length and shape. Generally speaking your accessories should mirror the shape that you are. Curvy women look amazing in curvy accessories. If you have high cheekbones and a well-defined jaw, architectural and angular earrings offer a high-octane allure. 

Long faces look good in chandelier-shaped earrings whereas round and dangly earrings will make a fuller face and chin look slimmer. 

The suits-all style

Accessorising well is about complementing your features and your outfit. Hoops suit everyone but you need to find the colour, size and width for you. I’d recommend buying some cheap and cheerful hoop packs and experimenting with what feels good before investing in an expensive pair.

Want more personalised info?

Book personal shopping appointments directly with me by Clicking the button below for only 75p per minute. Don’t miss out on stress-busting fashion information custom made just for you through years of experience and dozens of happy clients. 

Make a statement

Give a statement earring breathing space to be the hero piece of your outfit with an unfussy neckline and/or pattern to let the accessory be the elevation piece taking you from drab to fab in the most simple of steps.

The secret to pulling off diamonté

Who doesn’t feel fab with some shimmer? They don’t need to be diamonds to dress up a daytime look for after dark. Sparkly earrings that are tonal with your outfit can even be worn in the daytime. This green pair are one of my absolute favourite accessories because the colour looks so great with my red hair. However I would advising wearing daytime sparkles with caution following these rules: 

  1.  Less is more. Don’t try too hard, it’s much cooler to look effortlessly chic. 
  2. Wearing all your jewellery at once won’t make you look classy, but like you’re trying to look classy…! 
  3. If you have a hair that is between chin and shoulder length, don’t wear dangly earrings longer than the length of your hair, the proportions will look odd.

Don’t match, complement

Don’t let your clothes and accessories ‘wear you.’ A matching earring/necklace set can age your look whilst competing for attention and drowning you. It’s more modern to wear complementing styles instead.

Tell me about it, stud

Studs needn’t be basic. Find some that really bring out your eyes and flatter your features.

Call me crazy

There are 8 billion people on the planet. And all of them have different tastes, moods, styles, body shapes, strengths, insecurities, and preferences. Call me crazy, but I think it takes more than just one or two fashion formulas to please all of those unique individuals. You deserve a new personal, tailored approach to style. That’s where I come into play. Book personal shopping and wardrobe detox appointments directly with me (by tapping the below button) for only 75p per minute. 

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