Belt It Baby – The Many Ways a Belt Can Transform Your Look

I have noticed a reoccurring theme in my styling sessions with my female clients…It’s the absolute lack of my favourite accessory in their wardrobes!

A belt defines your proportions, gives a focus point to your outfits, dresses up (or down) your look and adds an element of polish to elevate your style to heady new heights.

You’ll notice me wearing a belt in most of my outfits on Instagram. With jeans, with skirts, over sweaters, for evenings out and everyday style. A belt is the finishing touch that outfits need to look truly stylish.


Tuck shirts, tops and t-shirts into your waistband and add a belt on top. Your waistband (and therefore the belt) should hit you at the slimmest part of your torso to create an hourglass effect. This can be at your hips on your waist or under your bust depending on your body shape. You can also get creative and put your belt on on top of a sweater!

But this styling trick isn’t just for me! I use it all the time with my clients. It works irregardless of body shape, size or age!

Mum Jo transforms this skirt from evening to daywear and shows off a stunning figure and true style with her belt choice. Add some nice shoes and earrings on the left and you’re set for a dinner date or birthday party. We’ve just tucked the front of Jo’s jumper behind her belt buckle on the right to keep the definition of her shape, plus it looks super stylish and effortless.

I don’t personally have a huge collection of belts. I have a few great ones that work hard for me because I can wear them in different ways. Like this beautiful metallic strip belt which is amazing for formal or evening outfits.

Add some glamour to evening outfits with this gold bar/elasticated belt from Lindex, £9.99

The stylish buckle of this belt is an eye-catching centre point making my legs appear really long, while the width of the belt really defines my waist perfectly. If you have a short torso go for skinny belts and if you have a long torso or a straight up-and-down figure use a thicker style for a fab sinching effect.

Always tuck tops into bottoms at a flattering point in your torso. Tuck either all the way around, or just at the front for a relaxed look.
This versatile belt is from Topshop, £22

It’s great to get a belt long enough for you to be able to wear it through the belt hoops on your jeans or around the waistband of a skirt! This design is inspired by the hugely successful Gucci GG belt that has been a huge trend over the last few years.

SPLURGE on a feather trimmed belt bag by Chylak on net-a-porter, £280

Snake is my favourite print! I find it so versatile to pair with other colours and prints. Here are two similar outfits that I have styled for day and for night. A long sleeved top tucked into a pleated midi-skirt with a headband and bag to accessorise plus THE snake print belt. The belt adds a sophisticated touch that finishes off the whole outfit whilst also flattering my shape by highlighting my naturally higher waistline.

This belt is one of my favourite snake print styles available. Check out the green, navy and maroon versions that are totally to die for too! Only £12.50 from Marks & Spencer.

When your outfit comes with a belt or ribbon, approach it with caution. If you tie it well it can look good but a lot of the time it is better to swap it out for a leather belt instead which you can match with your shoes or bag.

Don’t underestimate the difference a belt can make to the overall look of your outfit. Buy a cheap one from H&M (who have loads of options) and start making a mindful effort to tuck in your top and use it as a feature.

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