3 ways to wear a slip dress this autumn

The simple silky slip dress is one gorgeous trend I have loved all summer long but now that it’s fall I want to keep wearing the silky, flirty, pretty style!

You may think that a slinky dress with spaghetti straps, a midi length and its conception as a piece of underwear would be reserved for the supermodels of the world but as I have been demonstrating all summer long to my personal shopping clients, they can be surprisingly flattering, versatile and wearable for every body.

| My Slip Dress |

My polka dot design slip dress from Zara

The key to its success is in the kick at the hem. The gentle flair balances out feminine hip and tummy curves and is sexy as hell! The midi length actually makes it appropriate for lots of occasions from work to weekend to party and its lightweight fabric makes it perfect for layering to achieve different looks.

Read my ‘ways to wear’ below and comment your favourite style

01 Keep it chic

Look one is perfect for an evening event, party, dinner out or a wedding. I kept it minimal with a chic metallic belt and contrasting monochromatic stripped mules. To add my personality to the look even more I accented my outfit with a yellow headband and a round handbag. The round shape plays with the polka dot pattern on the dress nicely. The silky fabric looks luxurious and feminine.

The cowel neckline and kick at the hem are contrasting with the cinched waistline to really accentuate an hourglass shape. Helpful for straight up-and-down body types that want to look more curvaceous or curvy and proud women. What I really love about this dress personally is the adjustable straps, to stop them slipping down and irritating me all evening!

Elegant yet fun don’t ya think? Comment Number 1 if this is your favourite way to wear!

02 Layer under

For a much edgier second look I layered my dress over a black t-shirt, and added a thick black belt around the middle. I have also clashed my silky polka dot dress with fabulous leopard print heels although ankle boots would work well too. These accessories have made my slip dress take on a way more rock and roll style which is fun. Simply add sunglasses and a sassy attitude! Perfect for daytimes when you don’t want your slip dress to look quite as formal or quite as sexy.

Comment Number 2 if this is your favourite way to wear.

A great styling trick for pear shapes, a t-shirt underneath of any colour but especially a darker shade will put your lower half in proportion by widening your shoulders. Just make sure your waist is pulled in with a belt or the trick won’t work!

“The key is to always define your waistline to achieve an hourglass shape”.

– Roxy

03 Sweater weather

Just because the days are cooler does not mean I want to put my favourite dress away yet! For look number 3 I’m simply adding this cosy sweater in a trendy colour over it! But don’t hide away in bulky fabrics, stand out for all the right reasons by defining that waist (you knew I was going to say that didn’t you?) with a skinny belt that enhances the stylish vibes. My mini bag and belt are both bold and beautiful croc print – one of my favourite prints so I’ve kept my footwear simple and casual with the wardrobe essential white trainer. It’s a simple yet effective, polished outfit.

Comment Number 3 if this is your favourite way to wear.

There are loads of silky, kick hem skirts out there at the moment too that you can use to create this style of outfit. If you don’t like wearing belts, buy one with a wide waistband and always tuck your top in (and at least the front section of your jumper.)

Slip dress, £69, & Other Stories | Slip skirt, £39, Silk Fred | Slip dress, £89, Mint Velvet

For personalised fashion tips to suit your shape, style and budget get in touch for a free styling consultation.

| 3 ways to wear |

Which is your favourite style? Comment below and vote 1, 2 or 3?

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9 thoughts on “3 ways to wear a slip dress this autumn

  1. Lesley Surbey says:

    Roxy, would you put an age limit on this style? I’m thinking it looks great on younger ladies but not so good on the over 50s unless you style as no 3.


    • roxlene says:

      Hi Lesley

      Thanks for you question, it’s a good one. I think it totally depends on the person and if you feel confident in the style. All three ways to wear look amazing on lots of different ages and body shapes but for more personal advise get in touch via my contact page and we can talk more.

      Best, Roxy x


      • Lesley Surbey says:

        Thanks Roxy. I am probably at the top end of your age group but I realise I need to move with the times so as not to look too old. I will be following your suggestions closely and will take on board what I’m comfortable with. I’ll send some pic!


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