The Party Dress Bible – Undressed.

Dressing for your body shape is the difference between beautiful confidence and awkward uncertainty. Nip in that waist, minimise broad shoulders, balance out generous hips and you will be feeling that Christmas party all night long! Welcome to the stylist bible for party wear that suits your GORGEOUS bod to a tee!

The Hourglass

  • Big Breasts
  • Smaller, short waist
  • Bigger hips and thighs
hourglass body shape dress

The classic picture of femininity, painters and sculptors have mimicked your curves for centuries. Made for a masterpiece, but you feel not so much for modern fashion! As busty women we instinctively feel shame for our generous chests and tend to shy away from deep cut necklines to avoid the staring and slut-shaming, but it’s worth noting that anything with a strangling neckline or volumous body will only make your breast and belly look bigger by adding fabric where it’s not needed. Far better to fit all clothes to your waistline and flatter that figure! V shaped necklines are the cornerstone of a fabulous party dress for an hourglass and the ruffle placement on this asymmetric maxi from Pretty Little Thing, £35, will elongate your waist making you look taller and slimmer.

Top Tip – Curvy hourglasses don’t carry large prints as well as our less shapely sisters so stick to smaller, more detailed fabrics or block colour.

The Apple

  • Equal chest and hips
  • Round tummy
apple body shape party dress

Apples often have the lowest self confidence so we cover ourselves up in yards of fabric which balloons us and wrecks any hope of defining a figure! But with the right clothes our soft, luscious body is redefined to be the most feminine frame going! Scooped, cleaving teasing necklines look great on apples (make sure you invest in a good bra that holds your breasts off your tummy), but here I’m showing you how a decorative neckline draws the eye away from your belly just as well. It’s important that your party dress fits you on the empire line, that’s right under your bust, to stop the round ‘blob’-ing effect of loose, bulky clothing on an apple. The sturdy fabric of this Wallis body con dress, was £50 now £40, will hold you in perfectly and carve out enviable curves.

Top Tip – Use an iconic red lipstick and eye catching earrings to keep all eyes up top and you’ll feel beautiful at this season’s do 

The Pear

  • Small shoulders and chest
  • Long body
  • Shapely hips and thighs
Pear body shape party dress

With all the junk in your trunk showing off that booty is all the range right now and you are so on trend! Your sexy hips look amazing in a flaring or wrap skirt like this one but mini skirts will emphasise your bottom heavy shape more extremely so head for slightly longer lengths in the shops this party season. The key to feeling your most fabulous is utilising your sleek top half to the fullest and drawing in your waist. You have slim shoulders, toned arms and the kind of breasts that can wear any top well! Balance out your hips by broadening your upper half and you will have that killer hourglass silhouette. Velvet dress £34.99 by Quiz.

Top Tip – Feminine fabrics like lace, chiffon or velvet look amazing on you, especially when they’re adding weight to your top half.

The Column

  • Shoulders and hips equal
  • Straight torso
  • Long, slim legs
straight body party dress

Whatever your size, you are the supermodel of your friendship group. You have the frame for the catwalk but this can be hard to translate into high street fashion and you end up feeling like a boy. Feminine silk softens your silhouette fantastically and all the ruffles on this dress by Glamourous, £42, add sweeping volume to your frame. A waist cinching belt is the most important feature of your party dress because you can pull off nearly any length or neckline, and a tie belt that adds curve to your hip as well works twice as hard for you! There’s no need to fear adding weight in the middle like your more curvaceous sisters because although you don’t naturally cinch in at the waist, you also have a fat tummy. Flaring sleeves work perfectly alongside a tie belt to add shape to your body. 

Top Tip – Opt for bold pattern rather than ditsy prints, they will look way more at home on your dramatic shape.

The Cone

  • Broad shoulders
  • Slim hips
  • Long legs

Cones are often confident dressers, looking amazing in skinny jeans and showing off flat tummys however dresses often go ary. Fitted skirts amplify our broad shoulders and skinny hips in an unfeminine way so a flared skirt, is an absolute dream shape on a cone! The A line shape beautifully balances out our shoulders and draws in the waist making the most of our angular frame but the fit and flare shape goes in and out of style. Right now it is OUT so we must utilise other styling tricks to make the most of our silhouette. Steer clear of spaghetti straps in favour of wide, angular styles that break up the expanse of our top half. Wide lapels minimise our scene stealing shoulders, and the wrap and tie creates a waistline. The gentle draping on the hips of this Missguided dress, £25, gives us a more curvaceous lower half.

Top Tip – Long, gorgeous legs look best in delicate shoes rather than chunky styles.

Feel fantastic this party season and dress like a style star! And if you’re still not sure, I am available for personalised shopping sessions in the UK or online advice worldwide! Email me on for more info.

Love Roxy xXx

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