easy devil halloween costume

The lazy girl guide to Halloween 2018

A frightening fortnight.

Halloween is now one of the biggest commercial celebrations in the country. We have been totally Americanised with our love of all things creepy and ghoulish! But when Halloween falls mid-week like it has this year, the party stretches far further than just the 31st of October and how does a woman with no time keep up?!

Let me walk you through my top tips for multiple Halloween costumes with minimum effort!

Look 1; the saucy devil

This look is centred by the LRD (little red dress) gathering dust in your wardrobe. Dig that baby out and accessorise!

easy devil halloween costume

Sequin Devil Horns £5 from Claire’s Accessories

With the addition of sequin horns and the right face decorations this look is super easy to pull together last minute

easy devil make up halloween costume

Forehead Gems £6 from Claire’s Accessories

Keep make up sparkly and red to match the theme and no one can accuse you of not making an effort!

easy devil halloween costume

Dress and Earrings from Pretty Little Thing

Look 2; the pumpkin

(This works especially well if you are pregnant)

An orange tube dress may have little use in your everyday wear but for Halloween it’s a life saver. This simple dress from Missguided serves as the groundwork for a quirky minimalist pumpkin.

easy pumpkin halloween costume

Dress from Missguided, Boots from Pretty Little Thing

While others are spending £££ on an inflatable version, this lazy girl just adds face stickers from Claire’s Accessories for low maintenance glamour.

easy pumpkin make up stickers halloween costume

Black Lace Facial Stickers £5 from Claire’s Accessories

Look 3; what’s new pussycat?

A dress this revealing comes out of my closet ONLY for Halloween. It’s the universal day of sexy clothing minus the slut shaming!

easy slutty cat halloween costume

Dress, Skirt and Boots from Pretty Little Thing

With cat ears and body jewels available everywhere it’s easy to turn this frontless leather dress into a hallowQUEEN club look.

easy slutty cat make up halloween costume

Fake blood £3.50 from Claire’s Accessories, Skeleton body jewels £12 from The Gypsy Shrine 

Pom Pom earrings and blood (from eating a mouse – obvs) optional added extras!

Look 4; Uptown girl

Now you may say that even for a lazy girl, this is pushing the boundaries of fancy dress but it’s all about character. A skeleton top hat and some sass is all I need!

easy classy halloween costume

Dress and Wig from Pretty Little Thing

For a glam do celebrating the night of the dead opt for a subtle gown and add a hint of playfulness

easy classy make up blue wig halloween costume

Skeleton Hand Top Hat £7 from Claire’s Accessories, Chocker from Pretty Little Thing

We can’t all be make up pros so just add extra eyeshadow with a blending brush and a bold lip colour to take this look from average to awesome.

Happy Halloween queens! Have a fabulous time and stay safe. Big thank yous to Pretty Little Thing and Claire’s Accessories for helping me out with these looks!

Love Roxy xXx

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