Joy in imperfection, a gift

As a fashion stylist I am incredibly lucky to be exposed to wonderful, small, unique brands. None are more of a celebration of occasion that Chupi, the Irish delight who was the youngest designer for high street giant Freedom at Topshop before going solo to launch her own beloved collections. Chupi says that after 6 years of fast fashion she wanted to
create something that would last, which celebrates a love of wild beauty, marking a moment, an event, a time in your life, some magic.
Unboxing a Chupi parcel “Made In Ireland, Loved Everywhere” is a moment of prolonged magic in itself. Gold feather printed tissue paper reveals a very special little grey bag with “Chupi” embossed in gold foil and a large bow tied neatly.
bag gold
Shivers of delight ensue as untying the ribbon gives way to a beautiful round box, also tied with a celebratory bow, a hand written thank you note from Chupi quoting Roald Dahl, a booklet of information (exquisitely presented of course) and a postcard sending a personal message of love. It feels so special and perfect and I haven’t even opened the box yet!
box gold
Inside this second ribbon is a 18K gold signet ring that was handcrafted in Dublin and hallmarked in the historic Dublin Castle. It is from Chupi’s North Star collection and comes with unique and natural ‘flaws’ that make no two pieces the same.
As someone who really cherishes her individuality, the uniqueness of my ring
makes me truly attached to it.
The Topaz gemstone has been captured and held like the brightest star in the sky to “guide you in moments where you need to follow your heart.”
ring cards gold
While writing this post I felt compelled to get up from my laptop and put on my ring to look at it’s loveliness again as I type.
The uneven surface of flaws that radiate beauty are a befitting metaphor to
love and believe in yourself, although you are not perfect.
Wild Card gold
Gift sets of matching pieces are available to perfectly mark a special day in the life of a loved one or yourself. My highly recommended are the My Heart is Open ring in gold €139, the rose gold initial necklace with a personalised letter disk and your birthstone €119 and the I Can Fly Swan Feather ring in gold €139.
ring gold
This post was not sponsored, but is a true outpouring of affection for the wildly beautiful and imperfect Your North Star ring and Chupi’s deeply thoughtful jewellery.
Love Roxy xXx

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3 thoughts on “Joy in imperfection, a gift

  1. Ellen M Lindsay says:

    Roxy, that ring is beautiful. Would love to see more of her collection. I’m so glad that it’s gold. I’m old school and love gold. It’s hard to find anymore. Love your site and I’ll have to check out the Chuti’s site.


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