My Top Tips for Insomnia

Bad Night

I am a problem sleeper. Always have been. As a child I wouldn’t go to bed and as an adult I lay there with my eyes shut and my brain wizzing around thinking of a what I need to do or a great idea for this that and the other. I know that I am my most creative in the evenings. I have my best ideas post-9pm which can often lead to very late nights mood boarding, planning and developing photo shoot concepts, promotional ideas or blog posts. At university I would sit all day staring blankly at my computer screen unable to think of the word I was looking for, but as soon as the sun went down I became a keyboard ninja! Whacking out A* essays with ease until the sun came back up again.

dissertation writing edit gold

A string of early mornings recently has led me to seek professional sleep guidance the best way a millennial knows, via an app! I found Calm via instagram (duh) and enjoyed its adverts which are simply a video of rain falling and a countdown of 1 minute. I found myself pausing every time these adverts came up and enjoying the short break from scrolling down my feed of drainingly succulent fashion, aspirational interiors and impressive photography.

Kudos to the marketing team

Calm advert gold

Stephen Fry is Never Wrong

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness. I am not woke enough to know much about mindfulness but I can say I am loving the relaxing sleep and sleep meditation features. On loading the app you are told to “Take a deep breath” before delicate nature sounds begin. From there I select “Sleep Stories” and Stephen Fry reads me an uber calming 25 minute story about lavender fields called Blue Gold. I am asleep within 3 minutes.

sleep stories gold

The next night I experiment with the meditate feature, selecting “Deep Sleep Release” form a list of several which is designed to relax your mind and muscles for “a soothing slumber”. Knowing how effective Calm was the previous night I selected the 10 minute option and followed the gentle instructions of the softly spoken Tamara Levitt. I am led through serene breathing methods that send me to sleep via Tamara’s relaxing tone 😴

Dream-inducing Skincare

The use of the Calm app bed time stories (for grown ups – I promise!) and beginners meditation is not the only thing I can credit my unrivalled slumber to however, I have also been using a few dream-inducing specialist products that I can 100% recommend for a good night’s kip. The idea of scented sleepy time products to help me drift off started when I went to Mayfield Lavender farm back during the heatwave in July and remembered how deliciously calming the smell of lavender is. Even with the lavender bushes being covered in pollinating bumble bees I felt serene 😂 I searched around and found the REN skincare Dream gift set of products.

wide arms gold

REN dream gold


Inside this beautiful kikki.K hand illustrated box are 3 nighttime products to give you “a moment of hygge” (cosy contentment – how cute is that, I’m going to start saying that). I always use a Clinque cleansing wash to take off my make up because someone once told me that make up wipes spread make up around your face and into your pores and that put me off them for life. Included in the Dreams gift set is a 10ml Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm and it is a new but familiar way to take of make up at the end of the day. The rose infused balm melts away dirt and make up on dry skin for a minute before I add water and massage away even waterproof mascara.

Impressive stuff

Although I still love my Mudmasky Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask that I’ve been using from my Glow Edition Pink Parcel, I’m now alternating it with Ren’s V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream to intensely hydrate and nourish my skin overnight because this multi action cream is also supposed to even skin tone and smooth fine lines. Going through these actions before bed every night is almost training my brain to be prepared to switch off.

REN dream 2 gold

*On a skincare side note I have really seen and felt the difference in my skin since using these products and the Balance Me Fresh Cleanse Micellar Water is my absolute favourite new skincare product.* Sign up to PINK PARCEL and use my code ROXY20 to get 20% off!*

& Now To Sleep

Lastly, as I get into bed and load up those Calm nature sounds I spray a mist of Ren’s “& Now To Sleep” onto my pillow. Frankincense, hops and lavender have been used since ancient times to relax, calm and reduce anxiety to aid a natural, healthy sleeping pattern. Ren’s pillow spray blends floral notes of (delicious) lavender with “deeply restful” frankincense to relax both body and mind. As the fragrance matures on the pillow, the earthy notes diffuse to relieve inner tension and stress, encouraging deep sleep and tranquility.

REN dream 1 gold

I’ve cracked the code to end insomnia y’all. Sleep now and thank me later 😁 🎉

What techniques do you use to have deep, restful beauty sleep? Let me know and if you enjoyed this post please like, comment and share it!

Love Roxy xXx

Ren Dream Gift set £31

Containing: & Now To Sleep 75ml, V-cense night cream 15ml, Rosa Centifolia Purity Balm 10ml


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