Links of London engraving the feminist cleavage

Bossing it in a Man’s World; The Interview

Links of London engraving the feminist cleavage

On the sixth floor of Mortimer House in London’s Fitzrovia is an elegant event space that I visited for the first time, and twice in one week. Eagle eyed readers will recognise the room where I celebrated Daniel W Fletcher’s menswear fashion show in association with Christian Louboutin last week, although it had been elegantly transformed by Links of London jewellery to celebrate their Ascot collection.

Green and white bouquets in carved glass vases decorated every surface, a detail in keeping not only with the feeling of spring and therefore the horse races but also with the green leather window seats that line the room.

Play to Win!

A tombola gave press and bloggers the opportunity to win Links jewellery that could be instantly engraved!
Links of London personalisation engraving
An older gentleman overheard me telling the engraver what I wanted written on my new piece of jewellery. He stood back in shock and asked me
“What are you naming your blog that for?!”
THAT is why. For attitudes that are anti proud feminine expression.

Links of London engraving the feminist cleavage

We sipped prosecco with strawberries as we browsed the gorgeous jewellery and played with the photo booth. The bubbles that decorate the Effervescence collection represent champagne bubbles – so cute.

This Is A Man’s World

Decked out in Links of London’s Ascot Diamond Essentials Horseshoe Collection, I met the fabulous, intelligent and beautiful SKY equestrian racing presenter Hayley Moore who told me about life as a female sports presenter.
Hayley Moore Sky Racing Reporter
Links of London Royal Ascot Collection
Starting out making the tea and being a course runner before working behind the scenes in the live gallery, Hayley got a good grounding of how a tv program was run before going in front of the camera herself. Coupled with extensive riding experience Hayley gained confidence and knowledge and started presenting for Sky. She received national press when she bravely caught a loose horse at Chepstow race course that dragged her to the ground.
Race reporter hit by horse Hayley Moore

Hayley catching a run away horse

Watch the insane video here

Without a lot of women covering the sport, Hayley says it is less competitive for women;
“I do often feel like the token woman. I’m there for the sake of having a woman there, brought in as it’s better to have both sexes [presenting] but I like to think that I prove myself and do a better job then the bloke I’m working with anyway!”
I wonder why Hayley feels a pressure to prove her worth and place on the screen. Especially as she told me she believes she hasn’t had to work harder than the men to reach this level in her career. Do the men feel they need to prove themselves too?
Hayley Moore Sky Racing Reporter
At the paddock Hayley doesn’t like to wear make up and takes it off after public duties are fulfilled but, as I do, she feels the social conditioning to wear make up in order to be ‘presentable’. In a public facing role watched primarily by a male audience,
“I need to look smart with my face made up and my hair nice as I will be talked about and slated [if I dont]. I’d feel less confident not looking my best. It’s a big expense to keep, with outfits for the races and hair and makeup, nails, facials!”
…Maybe SKY should provide a budget to upkeep the expected standard of the professional image! Or provide a personal stylist like me 😉
Hayley Moore Sky Racing Reporter
Renouncing any sexism in her sport/industry Hayley says a sense of humour helps to rebuff ‘flirty’ remarks from the men on the racecourse.
“I get taken seriously as I know my subject well and have years of experience in my sport. I am paid fairly. I think we get paid individually but that is not based on our gender but more how we are received.”
Sky’s gender pay report found it the worst but one broadcaster for gender pay discrepancy with a 17.4% median pay gap between men and women. That may not be the case between the racing reporters, but it is worth looking at, considering The BBC Carrie Gracie pay scandal, when the foreign news correspondent discovered her male counterparts were being paid 50% more than she was.

Carrie Gracie BBC News equal pay scandal

I hope you liked this blog post and my first ever interview. Please leave me a comment and share if you did 😀

Love Roxy xXx
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