5 Top Tips for Bikini Power

To put on a bikini can be a stressful thought. Perfection is a heavy weight leaning onto us but in the season of #BodyPositive confidence in your skin is an enlightening concept. Find a style that suits your body and makes you feel good and the bikini power will resonate!
Writing this blog and being involved in the #bodypositive scene has really helped me feel more comfortable in my skin because I have seen how many people feel just like I do. #support is a powerful tool. So is putting down the ‘women’s’ magazines that pit us against each other and are nothing but judgemental! Be you and be unique, your quirks are what make you beautiful.

Fashion Stylist Top Tips to Bikini Power


To make legs look longer wear high cut bikini bottoms and strike a pose! Enjoy every extra inch of thigh!

black bikini branchgold


Or keep bum and thighs covered with a skirted swim suit or waterproof sarong. I’ve made mine part of the look by using a fun print so it becomes an accessory rather than a cover up. This is also great to balance out top heavy shoulders, arms and boobs to make you look proportional holding a huge cocktail.
kamala beach sarong 1gold


If you curve in at the waist define it with high waisted bottoms or a belted cossie like this one from & Other Stories.
Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 18.55.23gold


If you’re straight and fabulous in the middle you can play with print and shape to work that beautiful bod!
Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 18.55.46gold


Mix and match and use accessories to personalise your style. There are so many fun ways to bring your personality out in your style. Try sunglasses and hats at a basic level then graduate to jewellery, body chains, lipstick etc!
bikini accessoriesgold


I’m more bronzed than usual in these pics, having had a lovely but light spray tan to help me feel my holiday best. It’s like contouring for your bod.
pool thailand copygold
Find your best style and you will feel fab!
Confidence is the most attractive outfit you can wear.
Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 18.54.55gold
Please share this post so as many women as possible can resist the negative conditioning, love their bodies and have #bikinipower !
Love Roxy xXx

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