3 Ways The Queen of England Threw The Classiest Shade Ever at Donald Trump

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Put a Pin In It – Some Background

Queen Elizabeth the second of England has always loved brooches and both personal friends and international dignitaries have for decades gifted the Queen with brooches when they’ve met. During her many, many appearances you will be hard pushed to find her without one of her hundreds of brooches that always has significance to the event she is attending. For example, if a head of state gifts her a brooch she will wear it for future meetings with them or to events about that nation. When visiting the military, she will wear their regiments brooch. You get the idea.
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1. Obama Cares

Queen Elizabeth wore 3 brooches while The Donald was in London. The day he arrived, the day of the banquet, and the day he LEFT THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND WAITING for tea for 12 minutes(!) On arrival day, she controversially threw a hella shade at The Donald by wearing a brooch the Obamas gave her. Not any brooch significant to America. One given to her. Out of friendship. Personally. By the Obamas. She subtly chose to wear this modest, sentimental brooch although she could have worn an array of American ‘gifts’.
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2. Nobody Talks S*** About My Commonwealth

The next day QE was at a commonwealth banquet, which is a regular feature on her busy schedule. She wore the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch given to her last year by the Governor General of Canada which she has never worn before. Usually gifts from major heads of states are saved for large appearances when lots of people will see it, especially a gift from a Commonwealth country. The gorgeous piece is adorned with 48 sapphires, which were part of the only sapphire deposit ever found in Canada. The Donald has said several scathing and insulting things about Canada, of which Queenie is the sovereign, in his short presidency so one can not help but notice Queen Elizabeth’s choice as silent yet significant yet again.
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The standard ‘Hi Canada’ brooch worn by many of the Royal ladies is the platinum and diamond maple leaf given by her father, the King, to her mother for a tour of Canada decades ago, which brings into question the choice of the snowflake shape brooch at this particular time.
For those that are unfamiliar, snowflake is a term for someone that thinks they are unique and special, but really they are not.
She nodded her support to Canada, and possibly her feelings towards Trump all in one pin worn on a specific day.
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Queeny, The Dutchess of Cambridge and The Dutchess of Cornwall wearing the ‘Hi Canada’ brooch


3. T-Day

Jewellery experts nearly died when they saw Queen Elizabeth’s brooch on ‘T-Day’ with Trump. The Teardrop diamond brooch inherited from her mother was worn in the famous “Three Queens in Mourning” photograph from 1952 by the Queen Mother.
A master of brooch warfare.
Queen and DonaldgoldQueen and TrumpgoldQueen walking donaldgold
Not only did she wear her mother’s mourning brooch (a person Hitler described as ‘the most dangerous woman in Europe’ because of her rallying influence during the blitz), but the suit she wore to tea was the exact same one she wore to open parliament after the post-brexit reorganisation. It will henceforth be known as her ‘Outfit of Disapproval’.
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I hope you enjoyed my knowledge bomb of how classy, subtle and shady our dear old Queen Lizzy is 🙂 Please do me a small favour and share this post so other people can enjoy our British sense of humour.
Love Roxy xXx

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